1. The Russell Brand Show: 19th November 2007

    1. Matt: Do you ever get scared in films?
    2. Russ: No. Though I do cry...
    3. Matt: Why do you cry? Because you're not in them?
    4. Russ: "I can't possibly recieve an award for this!"
    5. Matt: (crying) "Jim Carey again!"
    6. Russ: "Oh, he's always in 'em! He was in Mask 1 and 2!"
    7. Matt: "Matt Damon? I'm better than him!"
    8. Russ: "Oh, this is ridiculous! Oh no, it's Jennifer Lopez!"
    9. Matt: When your film's out will you go to the cinema in disguise at sit at the back going "Come on, you idiots! Watch it!"
    10. Russ: "Come on! Focus! Why are you eating popperty-corn? Focus on the screen!"
    11. Matt: Stand up and clap at the end. "Clap! Everybody clap!"
    12. Russ: Yeah, I will do that.
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